Commercial Work

January 2020

NHS Nottingham West CCG

Change is Happening.jpg
December 2019

We Are Community Illustrations

WAC Guidebook cover.jpg
October 2019

Nice Boss Illustrations (as part of a re-brand)

Nice Boss Characters.jpg
September 2018

Bartons Transport

Artwork for Bartons transport - founded in 1908, Barton's grew quickly and was, for a time, the largest independent bus company in Western Europe. They wanted a large-format illustration, which would evoke the vintage travel posters of the 50's. This was created in Illustrator so that it could be cut up and used across multiple layouts and formats (from 5x2m banners to A4 posters and postcards). A great project!

September 2018

The 'We are Beeston' Project

A series of 10 illustrations for the recently launched ‘We are Beeston’ project - for public display on eye-catching boards at a number of high-profile events across 2018-19. Five boards, ten sides, all with unique illustrations. These illustrations cover a very wide range of local Beeston themes, from famous residents to local landmarks - this was a great opportunity to explore all the different aspects that truly define a town. 

June 2018

The 'Bromley House Library' Project

A pen and ink poster for Bromley House Library in Nottingham. A real secret library in the heart of the city, Bromley House was an absolute blast to draw. I finished it in Photoshop, trying to capture the gothic, magical feel of the place...


The Beest Comic Strip

I began my art career at University, drawing a regular comic strip for the student newspaper, and now - quite a few years later - I’m still doing the same thing for the local Newspaper: The Beest is Beeston's superhero (with no actual powers). The comic strip has been a regular part of 'The Beestonian' for almost 4 years now and has been featured in a various local promotions and projects, including the Oxfam festival, Oxjam.

May 2018

Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group

An expanding range of characters for CCLG, created in Illustrator for use across various media (video, print and web).

April 2018

The Crown Inn Illustration & Brand

Lovely job this; the Crown Inn at Iverley was relaunching, and they wanted a sophisticated pen and ink illustration to show off the character of their 150 year old pub. It was a great old building to draw and I was able to apply it to their entire range of new promotional media, from menus to gift vouchers - even bottles of wine!


NHS Pennine Care Trust

Character Set.jpg

A full character and extended scene set for the NHS Pennine Care Trust. I produced an ongoing range of characters and scenes for use in both animation and educational print. The characters were developed in workshops with some of the kids involved in the Asthma and Type 2 diabetes programmes - so it was great fun to be involved.