Daniel Cullen - Illustrator

Hi there! I’m an illustrator and graphic designer from in Nottingham in the UK. I began my art career at University, drawing a regular comic strip for the student newspaper, and now - quite a few years later - I’m still doing the same thing for the local Newspaper: The Beest - a moderately popular superhero (with no actual powers) who has been featured in a various promotions and projects, including the local Oxfam festival, Oxjam... 

I became a graphic designer in 1998, after graduating with a Design MA from DeMontfort University, and started supplying illustration almost immediately. I made enough money to invest in a fancy new computer and, after a few frustrating months of torture, figured out Photoshop! It was the beginning of a new form of art for me and a digital artist was born. I really enjoy finding ways to marry traditional and digital art, going from scanner to Photoshop to printer to pencil and back again. I’ve worked with a wide range of clients, including The British Heart Foundation, Nottingham University and the NHS and have worked on a number of collaborative animation projects as main visual development artist and character designer. 


I’ve also freelanced, supplying work for some very exciting projects including two picture books, and a range of posters and T-Shirts for a local band. I also work regularly with a local magazine, supplying illustrations to a variety of weird and wonderful spreads, from game boards to futuristic town concepts!